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BSJ provides a unique learning journey for our students of all ages, starting from Kindergarten at age 2 to 5, Primary School from age 5 to 11 and Secondary School from age 11 to 18. Our experienced teaching faculty, wellbeing counsellors and University Counselling team support students throughout their academic and personal growth. 

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Global Citizenship

British School Jakarta is committed to developing all members of our community as lifelong global citizens. As global citizens, we strive to be critically informed about local and global issues, respectfully connected to the cultures and communities that surround us, and ethically engaged in service.


We are informed about local and global issues. We know about local, national, and global issues, governance systems and structures. We understand the inter- dependence and connections of global and local concerns. We continually develop critical enquiry and analysis skills.


We are connected to the cultures and communities that surround us. We cultivate and manage identities, relationships, and feelings of belongingness. We share values and responsibilities based on human rights. We appreciate and respect differences and diversity.


We are engaged in service. We use skills, values, beliefs, and attributes for civic engagement. We demonstrate personal and social responsibility for a peaceful and sustainable world. We are motivated and willing to care for the common good.

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