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A Global Network of Inspiration

Whether you're here in Indonesia or scattered across the globe, we're thrilled to reconnect the remarkable hearts and minds of our global network. As a bridge to the world, we strive to foster meaningful connections through a range of events, campaigns, and projects. Our goal extends beyond launching your careers and advancing education; we also aim to reignite cherished memories, forge new friendships, and unite as a community with a truly global reach. Together, let's celebrate our shared experiences and continue to strengthen the bonds that make BSJ alumni truly extraordinary.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is considered a BIS or BSJ Alumni?

    All former students and staff of BIS/BSJ who spent a minimum of 1 year at the school are welcome to join our Alumni Association! You do not need to have graduated from BIS/BSJ to be considered as an alumni.

  • How can I sign up for the Alumni Association?

    Please fill out this form!

  • Will I be able to reconnect with other alumni?

    Yes. We are building our website to simplify networking between alumni, but in the meantime, we'll create events that will welcome the alumni to reconnect!

  • Can I come back and visit the BSJ Campus?

    We love meeting and catching up with you, and we always welcome our alumni back to the school!

    However, please notify us at at least three working days in advance if you would like to come for a visit.

  • Can I use BSJ's sports facilities on evenings and weekends?

    Yes! Several of our wonderful facilities are available for hire outside of school hours.

    Please email us at to find out more about availability, usage times and pricing.

  • Can I have a soft copy of the Yearbook from my school years?

    Yes, you can. We will need to verify your identity for data protection first and send you a scanned copy. You can email us at for this inquiry.

  • Do we have social media accounts for our Alumni?

    Yes we do! Please follow and join our social media:

    Instagram: here

    Facebook: here

    LinkedIn: here

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