Uniform Policies

Students at BSJ take great pride in their uniforms and value their appearance. They understand that they represent the school as ambassadors at all times, and their smart appearance receives positive comments from both visitors to BSJ and when travelling in uniform. The school promotes a sense of belonging and values students based on their words and actions rather than their extravagant attire. Compliance with the uniform policy is expected, and students are encouraged to keep their uniforms clean and well-maintained. Parents' support is greatly appreciated in ensuring that the uniforms provided for their children align with the expectations outlined in the accompanying information.

Kindergarten | KG One - KG Two

The school uniforms at the School Shop are "ready to wear." They consist of a red shirt, dark blue shorts or culottes, and a hat or cap. And PHE Uniform for KG Two. 


Primary | Year One - Six

School uniforms are required to be either made from materials purchased at the school shop or purchased as ready-to-wear items from the shop. The uniform options include batik shirts, blouses, dresses, and culottes.

Year One Six

Secondary | Year Seven - Eleven

The school mandates that uniforms be made from materials purchased at the school shop or purchased as ready-to-wear items from the shop. The uniform options consist of a light blue short-sleeved shirt adorned with the House badge. Trousers must be tailored, with hems kept above the floor and in good condition, free from rips or wear. As an alternative to trousers and skirts, shorts are permitted and should be worn at knee length. Skirts should have straight pleats and be worn at or below the knee. Additionally, culottes are accepted as alternatives to trousers or skirts, and they should be worn below the knee.

Secondary Year Seven - Eleven

Secondary | Year Twelve - Thirteen

The school requires uniforms to be crafted from materials bought at the school shop or be ready-to-wear items available for purchase there. The uniform includes a white short-sleeved shirt featuring the House badge. As for the bottoms, they should adhere to the same standards as those for students in Years Seven to Eleven.

Secondary Year Twelve - Thirteen

PHE Uniform

All clothing, including a set of House-coloured PHE uniforms and a house-coloured swim cap for swimming, can be purchased at the school shop. 

PHE Uniform

Uniform General Requirements :


The school shop offers ready-made school uniforms for purchase. Alternatively, students can buy materials from the shop to have their uniforms personalised, ensuring they meet the school's uniform requirements outlined below. It is important that tailored shorts, skirts, and culottes are designed to sit at or below the knee of the student.


Students are required to wear plain black leather shoes with low heels measuring less than 3 cm. School regulations prohibit the use of multicoloured sports-style casual and canvas footwear. However, plain black trainers are permitted. Students are allowed to wear flat shoes, as long as they are made of plain black material. Boots, defined as shoes extending above the ankle, are not permitted for school attire.


Students are required to wear ankle socks that are solid in colour, specifically in white, black, or blue.

Pullover/Zip-up cardigan

Students are permitted to wear a pullover or zip-up cardigans, provided that they are purchased from the school shop.


To ensure safety from the sun, it is mandatory for students to wear hats during PHE/PE classes. Hats must also be worn when students are playing outside during break and lunchtime.

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