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As education evolves in the wake of the pandemic, wellbeing takes centre stage in school communities. At British School Jakarta (BSJ), we prioritise wellbeing by integrating it into our curriculum, ensuring that every student can thrive academically and personally.

Our curriculum embraces a scientific approach, equipping students and educators with the knowledge and systems to foster individual growth and create a positive learning environment. Our dedicated staff, serving as teachers, advisors, mentors, and child protection officers, provide unwavering support to students.

Even when students are not physically present in school, our wellbeing programme continues. We actively involve parents, encouraging their collaboration with teachers and staff to support their children's success and welfare through workshops, open communication, and close cooperation.

The BSJ Wellbeing Programme aims to empower students to flourish academically, emotionally, and physically. Building trust among students and between students and faculty is a cornerstone of our program, creating an atmosphere of respect, kindness, and open-mindedness.

Physical and emotional health is nurtured through our state-of-the-art sports facilities, sports-based lessons, and balanced nutrition provided in collaboration with professional catering partners. We prioritise students' emotional wellbeing by cultivating resilience, motivation, self-regulation, empathy, and emotional intelligence through the six aspects of relationships, emotions, health, engagement, achievement, and purpose.

Our highly qualified wellbeing counsellors, who are Master's level mental health professionals, offer a range of services, including prevention, psychoeducation, consultation, workshops for parents and staff, and confidential counselling for primary and secondary students. They address social, emotional, and academic challenges, providing support to students, families, staff, and the wider community.

In creating a safe and protected environment, the BSJ Wellbeing Programme ensures students' sense of security. From construction to transportation and learning environments, we prioritize safety and protection throughout the BSJ campus.

In the Primary School

At British School Jakarta, we prioritise the wellbeing of our primary school students, and our dedicated Wellbeing Team plays a crucial role in implementing the BSJ Wellbeing Programme. Working closely with teachers and students, our team ensures that the wellbeing and individual needs of all children are met.

Our Primary School is supported by three highly qualified wellbeing counsellors who are Master's level mental health professionals. They offer a comprehensive range of services throughout the primary and secondary school, including prevention initiatives, psychoeducation, consultation, parent workshops, staff training, and more. Our counsellors provide confidential one-on-one and group counselling to primary and secondary students, offering support to families, staff, and the wider community.

In the Primary School, our wellbeing counsellor is Mrs Rana Cheatwood (rana_cheatwood@bsj.sch.id). Mrs Cheatwood is dedicated to helping students with various issues that may impact their social, emotional, and academic wellbeing and development. She is available to provide guidance and support, ensuring that students have a safe space to express their concerns and receive the assistance they need.

With the support of our Wellbeing Team, we strive to create an environment where primary school students can thrive, grow, and flourish both academically and personally.

In the Secondary School

At British School Jakarta, we prioritise the wellbeing of our secondary school students and have established a comprehensive support system to ensure their holistic development. Wellbeing leaders and tutors are assigned for each level of education to accompany and supervise students, ensuring the effective implementation of the BSJ Wellbeing Programme.

In the Secondary School, we actively engage students in their wellbeing journey by fostering their agency and active participation. This includes initiatives such as the Student Wellness Council and other student-led committees, which empower students to contribute to the wellbeing of their peers and the school community.

We also recognise the importance of parental involvement and collaboration in supporting students' wellbeing. Through activities like wellbeing symposiums and workshops, we encourage parents to be fully involved and collaborate closely with our faculty and staff. This partnership ensures that we create a cohesive and supportive environment for our students' wellbeing and academic success.

In the Secondary School, our wellbeing counsellors are Ms Andrea Carrera (andrea_carrera@bsj.sch.id) and Ms. Lisa Reid (lisa_reid@bsj.sch.id ). They are dedicated professionals who provide a range of services, including confidential counselling, consultation, and support for students, families, and the wider community.

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